I occasionally develop games for fun using a mixture of:

  • HTML, HTML5 and the HTML5 toolset.
  • Javascript and UI frameworks and libraries (JQuery, Modernizr, Phaser, Kinetic.JS, etc).
  • ASP.Net (C#) Web Forms and SOAP webservices.
  • Develop my own graphics using some well known software (Photoshop Elements, the GIMP, MS Paint).
  • Various web based resources for audio, fonts, bitmaps etc.
  • Actual gameplay ideas in my head and on paper.

I do not have the spare time to write games professionally, since my day job is something different to that. However I do find time to write HTML games for my own amusement; whenever I finish (or nearly finish) I share it here. The games I write are simple 2D fun games that run in good web browsers.

You can find all of my homemade games on my Games Blog.