• Amazon Kindle experiment update

    12 Sep 2015 - writing

    Well this is very exciting.

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  • My Amazon Kindle Experiment

    03 Aug 2015 - writing

    I have decided to experiment with self publishing some of my shorter fiction on Amazon Kindle.

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  • Writing neglected, game development nurtured

    27 Aug 2014 - writing

    It has been a strange year for me, creatively.

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  • Summary of my novels

    23 Jul 2014 - writing

    I currently have a total of four unpublished novels in various states of completion and I thought it would be worthwhile summarising them here.

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  • Submitted: The Royal Jester

    05 Aug 2013 - writing

    Today I have submitted 'The Royal Jester' a short 350 word piece to Daggerville August 2013 writing competition.

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  • Rejected: Shadowplay

    04 Aug 2013 - writing

    My short story 'Shadowplay' was rejected by Daggerville in their July competition.

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  • Submitted: Shadowplay

    31 Jul 2013 - writing

    My very short story, 'Shadowplay' has been submitted to the Daggerville July 2013 competition.

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  • Submitted: Black and White

    16 Jul 2013 - writing

    I have submitted my short story 'Black And White' to Scribble magazine.

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  • Rejected: Shimmer

    15 Jul 2013 - writing

    Today my sci-fi/horror short story 'Shimmer' was rejected by Scribble magazine.

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  • A Notice From The Bwackapoch Food Authority

    01 Sep 2010 - writing

    a-notice-from-the-bwackapoch-food-authority Dear people,

    The multitudes of Earthbound single-celled bacteria are neither aware of, nor have any visibility of, the ants and insects which trample through their world.

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