Zuma the JetPack Hero Update

01 Oct 2015 - Owen Southwood

Zuma the JetPack Hero Update

My new HTML5 game dev project how has an online playable demo. Although you should keep in mind this is a work in progress and nowhere near finished, it gives some idea what I'm doing.  The idea is a platformer with a jetpack hero shooting aliens and rescuing hostages. So it's a bit of a mix of different 2D genres.

To play the work in progress demo, click HERE.

Here is a summary of the current status of the project:

Basic physics for player and aliens is complete.  Weapons and powerups complete although still need a good way of obtaining them in the game.  (Currently just press keys 1-5 to switch weapons mode)

 zuma helping dumb girl

The basic physics / mechanics of gameplay are complete, with a randomly generated scrolling scene and collectible objects and hostages to be rescued.  Familiar game devices like coins and powerups are implemented fully.

Still to be developed is the actual objective of the game, or rather what goal is to be achieved in order to escape a level and progress to the next.  My current thinking is that you must rescue all the hostages and find a key and unlock an exit door hidden somewhere.  I think perhaps when you rescue the last hostage they give you a key which can be used to access the boss fight and then the exit.  Which reminds me, I need to implement a boss fight and an exit too.

I also need to add a lot more baddies with some more varied AI.  Though I am pleased wiht the AI so far and the aliens chase you down quite nicely and aim their weapons at you effectively.  More is needed though. Much more.

Plus of course I need all the basics such as an intro/menu screen, a preloader progress bar, some audio and some idea what to do about device compatibility and screen size. At the moment I am inclined to keep it PC-only and free myself of the limitations of small screens.  But I might change my mind.

Further updates to come - watch this space and follow me on Twitter, where I'm always posting progress on this game and others.


Click here to play the work-in-progress version now!  (To control use arrow keys and space bar)


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