• One Priceless Moment

    25 Nov 2015 - Thoughts

    one-priceless-moment In July 1969, Neil Armstrong set foot on the Moon.

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  • Post Election Thoughts - The Promises of David Cameron

    13 May 2015 - Thoughts

    post-election-thoughts---the-promises-of-david-cameron David Cameron has promised some very specific things following the Conservative Party general election victory in 2015.

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  • Why you should vote in elections

    08 Apr 2015 - Thoughts

    why-you-should-vote-in-elections As I write this, the 2015 UK General Election is coming up and if you are eligable then you really need to vote.

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  • Under The Skin - Analysis and Theory

    04 Feb 2015 - Thoughts

    under-the-skin---analysis-and-theory In this description of the film Under The Skin I will refer to Scarlett Johansenn's unnamed character as The Collector, and the motorcyclist as The Engineer.

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  • Fear and Hope

    28 Jan 2015 - Thoughts

    fear-and-hope What are you afraid of?

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