Scorpio Force

14 Sep 2013 - Owen Southwood

Scorpio Force

Shoot everything in sight, collect all the powerups and shoot everything else in sight and destroy the mothership of cosmic doom.

OK so this is not a completed game but a concept demo for a scrolling shooter.  It has all of the elements of retro scrolling shooters; it has stars, planets, alien ships, lots of weapons and powerups, even an end of level boss.  Oh and lots of explosions.

I wrote Scorpio Force as my first adventure into using HTML5 Canvas for a game.  The framework I used was Kinetic.JS which provided an excellent set of functions for sprite manipulation amongst other things.  I also used a lot of JQuery and HTML5 for the game.

Some time soon I might extend Scorpio Force into a full fledged game, but first I need some user feedback.  Got any thoughts?

Play Scorpio Force

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