Monkey Munchies

01 Dec 2013 - Owen Southwood

Monkey Munchies

Eat all the bananas and exit through the monkey hut into the next level. Complete all the levels for a big reward.

This game was written using a mixture of HTML5, JavaScript, JQuery and Modernizr.  The idea started out as just creating a random maze for fun.  Then for giggles I added some nasties that chased a player round using some basic AI algorithms.  And then I added sound and made it look nice and created a whole load of my own sprites for it.  Monkey Munchies is the result.

Monkey Munchies

Monkey Munchies is designed to work on a PC with keyboard controls, ideally using Chrome.  It is not designed for mobile or tablet play although I might add compatibility later.

Click here to play:

 Play Monkey Munchies

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