• Penguinvaders

    07 Jan 2015 - Games

    penguinvaders Penguinvaders is my fun attempt at a Space Invaders inspired game with a penguin as the hero.

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  • Mr Goggles

    07 Dec 2014 - Games

    mr-goggles Mr Goggles is a work in progress platform game that includes powerups, collectibles, bad guys and weapons.

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  • Crater Critters

    31 Jan 2014 - Games

    crater-critters The moon has been infested by alien critters and you must shoot them down.

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  • Monkey Munchies

    01 Dec 2013 - Games

    monkey-munchies Eat all the bananas and exit through the monkey hut into the next level.

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  • Swapper

    30 Nov 2013 - Games

    swapper Swap pairs of tiles to make the image match up with the target.

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  • Slider

    29 Nov 2013 - Games

    slider This is my attempt at the classic sliding puzzle game where you move tiles around to complete the picture.

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  • Scorpio Force

    14 Sep 2013 - Games

    scorpio-force Shoot everything in sight, collect all the powerups and shoot everything else in sight and destroy the mothership of cosmic doom.

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