• One Priceless Moment

    25 Nov 2015 - Thoughts

    one-priceless-moment In July 1969, Neil Armstrong set foot on the Moon.

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  • Zuma the JetPack Hero Update

    01 Oct 2015 - Web Game Development

    zuma-the-jetpack-hero-update My new HTML5 game dev project how has an online playable demo.

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  • Zuma is coming

    22 Sep 2015 - Web Game Development

    zuma-is-coming My new game Zuma The Jetpack Hero is being progressed swiftly and I plan to release a working demo very soon.

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  • Amazon Kindle experiment update

    12 Sep 2015 - writing

    Well this is very exciting.

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  • New game underway

    12 Sep 2015 - Web Game Development

    Just a quick note to say I have started work on a new game provisionally titled Zuma The Jetpack Hero.

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  • My Amazon Kindle Experiment

    03 Aug 2015 - writing

    I have decided to experiment with self publishing some of my shorter fiction on Amazon Kindle.

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  • More gameplay changes to Penguinvaders

    03 Jun 2015 - Web Game Development

    more-gameplay-changes-to-penguinvaders I have added cruiser ships and different powerup mechanisms to Penguinvaders.

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  • Penguinvaders major gameplay changes

    28 May 2015 - Web Game Development

    penguinvaders-major-gameplay-changes Following some helpful user feedback I have made some fundamental changes to Penguinvaders.

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  • New Update to Penguinvaders

    26 May 2015 - Web Game Development

    new-update-to-penguinvaders Penguinvaders, my HTML5 retro arcade game, has been updated to include a functional online hi score table and has some minor fixes for improved gameplay.

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  • Site Update 2.3

    13 May 2015 - Tech Life

    Just a minor update to layout and fonts this time.

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  • Post Election Thoughts - The Promises of David Cameron

    13 May 2015 - Thoughts

    post-election-thoughts---the-promises-of-david-cameron David Cameron has promised some very specific things following the Conservative Party general election victory in 2015.

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  • Why you should vote in elections

    08 Apr 2015 - Thoughts

    why-you-should-vote-in-elections As I write this, the 2015 UK General Election is coming up and if you are eligable then you really need to vote.

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  • Panoramic cylinder image

    23 Feb 2015 - Code Experiments

    panoramic-cylinder-image Another experiment with WebGL, this time to produce a scrolling panoramic image as if viewed from inside a cylinder with the image projected onto the inner surface of that cylinder.

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  • Cube with Shadow

    20 Feb 2015 - Code Experiments

    cube-with-shadow Another little step forward in my understanding of WebGL with light and shadow.

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  • Scrolling starry background added to Penguinvaders

    19 Feb 2015 - Web Game Development

    scrolling-starry-background-added-to-penguinvaders I have added a simple two layer parallax scrolling starfield as a background to Penguinvaders.

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  • Cubes In Space

    16 Feb 2015 - Code Experiments

    cubes-in-space Here is another little step in my experiments with WebGL.

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  • Site Update 2.2

    12 Feb 2015 - Tech Life

    A few more changes have been made to this site.

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  • Sidebar Buttons added to website

    10 Feb 2015 - Code Experiments

    Trying out some ideas for site navigation, I have added some Sidebar Buttons to this website.

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  • Penguinvaders updated with photographic backgrounds and other changes

    10 Feb 2015 - Web Game Development

    penguinvaders-updated-with-photographic-backgrounds-and-other-changes I have been toying with using some photographs as background images in Penguinvaders.

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  • Under The Skin - Analysis and Theory

    04 Feb 2015 - Thoughts

    under-the-skin---analysis-and-theory In this description of the film Under The Skin I will refer to Scarlett Johansenn's unnamed character as The Collector, and the motorcyclist as The Engineer.

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  • The final aliens added to Penguinvaders

    01 Feb 2015 - Web Game Development

    the-final-aliens-added-to-penguinvaders I have added the final aliens to the Penguinvaders game.

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  • WebGL Rotating Cube

    31 Jan 2015 - Code Experiments

    webgl-rotating-cube I have decided to try a bit of experimentation with WebGL.

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  • Fear and Hope

    28 Jan 2015 - Thoughts

    fear-and-hope What are you afraid of?

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  • Perfectly ORMless

    28 Jan 2015 - Tech Life

    perfectly-ormless Sometimes I think I'm some sort of IT heretic because I like to architect my software in the "old-school" way.

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  • New aliens added to Penguinvaders

    27 Jan 2015 - Web Game Development

    new-aliens-added-to-penguinvaders I have added another species of alien to Penguinvaders.

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  • Website update 2.1

    23 Jan 2015 - Tech Life

    I have made some changes to the look and feel of the site.

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  • Penguinvaders update

    10 Jan 2015 - Web Game Development

    penguinvaders-update I have improved the physics of the aliens in Penguinvaders.

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  • Penguinvaders

    07 Jan 2015 - Games

    penguinvaders Penguinvaders is my fun attempt at a Space Invaders inspired game with a penguin as the hero.

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  • Penguinvader

    05 Jan 2015 - Web Game Development

    penguinvader A Penguinvader is a space invader that attacks penguins and Penguinvaders is the new name for Penguin vs Aliens.

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  • Penguin vs Aliens updated

    27 Dec 2014 - Web Game Development

    penguin-vs-aliens-updated I have made quite a bit of progress on Penguin vs Aliens.

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  • Penguin vs Aliens (PVA) initial development underway

    22 Dec 2014 - Web Game Development

    My retro shooter game has become Penguin vs Aliens because, well, I thought a penguin would make it more interesting.

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  • Space Junk - new scrolling shooter

    10 Dec 2014 - Web Game Development

    space-junk---new-scrolling-shooter I have begun work on a simple scrolling shooter called Space Junk.

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  • Mr Goggles

    07 Dec 2014 - Games

    mr-goggles Mr Goggles is a work in progress platform game that includes powerups, collectibles, bad guys and weapons.

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  • Rainbow blocks has added birdies

    16 Nov 2014 - Web Game Development

    rainbow-blocks-has-added-birdies I've added some pesky birds to the puzzle game.

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  • New Project - Rainbow Blocks

    12 Nov 2014 - Web Game Development

    new-project---rainbow-blocks I have started development on a new puzzle game which I am provisionally calling Rainbow Blocks.

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  • Firepower boosted by rotating assistants

    24 Sep 2014 - Web Game Development

    firepower-boosted-by-rotating-assistants I have boosted the firepower of my html5 hero with some rotating orbs that fire independantly.

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  • Goggles gets more firepower and ability to crouch

    10 Sep 2014 - Web Game Development

    goggles-gets-more-firepower-and-ability-to-crouch The hero of my HTML5 Phaser platform game can now crouch down to avoid enemy fire - and has even more firepower of his own.

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  • Goggles gets a loading screen and enemy fire

    03 Sep 2014 - Web Game Development

    I have added a functional preloader screen to the game and some firepower to the enemies.

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  • Goggles gets more of the essentials

    31 Aug 2014 - Web Game Development

    goggles-gets-more-of-the-essentials I have added some more essential gameplay basics to my game.

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  • Goggles gets a makeover

    27 Aug 2014 - Web Game Development

    goggles-gets-a-makeover I have redesigned the player sprite for my first html5 platform game.

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  • Writing neglected, game development nurtured

    27 Aug 2014 - writing

    It has been a strange year for me, creatively.

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  • Goggles gets bad guys

    21 Aug 2014 - Web Game Development

    goggles-gets-bad-guys My first home made 2d platformer now has some bad guys to dodge.

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  • Mr. Goggles has fruit, keys and padlocks

    14 Aug 2014 - Web Game Development

    mr--goggles-has-fruit-keys-and-padlocks My first HTML5 platform game moves a step closer to completion.

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  • Mr Goggles is coming

    12 Aug 2014 - Web Game Development

    mr-goggles-is-coming Mr Goggles is going to be my first attempt at a proper platform game in HTML5.

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  • Another day, another redesign

    01 Aug 2014 - Tech Life

    I just can't help myself, I have to redesign when the urge takes me - and it took me when I realised what I boring design I had allowed myself to use for this site.

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  • Personal ASP.Net web development without the expense

    30 Jul 2014 - Tech Life

    Is there a cheap alternative to Microsoft Visual Studio?

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  • Thomas Palef and his Phaser Games

    25 Jul 2014 - Web Game Development

    thomas-palef-and-his-phaser-games Just found the website of Thomas Palef and he makes it look so easy to create funky 2D games using Phaser.

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  • Summary of my novels

    23 Jul 2014 - writing

    I currently have a total of four unpublished novels in various states of completion and I thought it would be worthwhile summarising them here.

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  • New laptop has been ordered

    15 Jul 2014 - Tech Life

    I have ordered a new laptop.

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  • New look website goes live!

    03 Jul 2014 - Tech Life

    New look website goes live today.

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  • Crater Critters

    31 Jan 2014 - Games

    crater-critters The moon has been infested by alien critters and you must shoot them down.

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  • Monkey Munchies

    01 Dec 2013 - Games

    monkey-munchies Eat all the bananas and exit through the monkey hut into the next level.

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  • Swapper

    30 Nov 2013 - Games

    swapper Swap pairs of tiles to make the image match up with the target.

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  • Slider

    29 Nov 2013 - Games

    slider This is my attempt at the classic sliding puzzle game where you move tiles around to complete the picture.

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  • Scorpio Force

    14 Sep 2013 - Games

    scorpio-force Shoot everything in sight, collect all the powerups and shoot everything else in sight and destroy the mothership of cosmic doom.

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  • Scorpio Force - an HTML5 canvas experiment

    14 Sep 2013 - Web Game Development

    My first attempt at using HTML Canvas to create a game can be found here:

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  • Browser capability checks added to Monkey Munchies

    07 Aug 2013 - Web Game Development

    Using Modernizr I've added checks for browser capability at the start of Monkey Munchies beta release.

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  • Submitted: The Royal Jester

    05 Aug 2013 - writing

    Today I have submitted 'The Royal Jester' a short 350 word piece to Daggerville August 2013 writing competition.

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  • Rejected: Shadowplay

    04 Aug 2013 - writing

    My short story 'Shadowplay' was rejected by Daggerville in their July competition.

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  • Monkey Munchies - early beta release d1

    04 Aug 2013 - Web Game Development

    I have completed an early work-in-progress beta release of Monkey Munchies.

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  • Submitted: Shadowplay

    31 Jul 2013 - writing

    My very short story, 'Shadowplay' has been submitted to the Daggerville July 2013 competition.

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  • What if Facebook vanished?

    16 Jul 2013 - Tech Life

    what-if-facebook-vanished I got into a discussion with some colleagues today about Facebook, and how would the world cope if it suddenly went offline.

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  • Submitted: Black and White

    16 Jul 2013 - writing

    I have submitted my short story 'Black And White' to Scribble magazine.

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  • Rejected: Shimmer

    15 Jul 2013 - writing

    Today my sci-fi/horror short story 'Shimmer' was rejected by Scribble magazine.

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  • The Twilight Zone Animated Font

    07 Jul 2013 - Code Experiments

    I thought it might be fun to display text with characters individually styled or animated, adding an eerie glow to give a random and spooky effect.

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  • Monkey Munchies coming soon!

    07 Jul 2013 - Web Game Development

    So I have decided to write a maze game inspired by Pac-Man and similar retro 2D maze games.

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  • Thoughts on mobile/tablet gaming

    06 Jul 2013 - Web Game Development

    Yesterday I saw this website and Crater Critters on a tablet for the first time.

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  • Online at last

    04 Jul 2013 - Tech Life

    Today the website is "officially" online.

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  • Exploding DIVs

    29 May 2013 - Code Experiments

    With a bit of imagination, some CSS3 and a touch of JQuery, it's possible to get some nice effects that could be used for 2D gaming or even for business web applications (if you are ambitious enough to break the standard pattern for such applications).

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  • Rotating Armadillo Cube

    29 May 2013 - Code Experiments

    rotating-armadillo-cube When I first started playing with CSS3 I was amazed by it's capabilities for 3D.

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  • Crater Critters 0.9 beta ready

    23 May 2013 - Web Game Development

    I have decided that Crater Critters is ready for beta release.

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  • Offline progress report

    23 May 2013 - Tech Life

    I am getting tantalisingly closer to finishing the BETA version of this website.

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  • Glowing LED Font

    23 May 2013 - Code Experiments

    glowing-led-font I really like the old-school LED fonts as used in the earliest digital displays.

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  • A Notice From The Bwackapoch Food Authority

    01 Sep 2010 - writing

    a-notice-from-the-bwackapoch-food-authority Dear people,

    The multitudes of Earthbound single-celled bacteria are neither aware of, nor have any visibility of, the ants and insects which trample through their world.

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