Owen Southwood
About Me

Hello, I'm Owen.

I am a creative and technical person who writes fiction and develops software. I also like to experiment with web design and graphics. In my spare time I write small computer games for fun using HTML5 and Javascript.

I have been working as a professional software developer since 1996. I grew up using a Sinclair ZX Spectrum and have been coding ever since.

I am a writer of fiction. I am working on a novel right now and have written a lot of short stories. I have been drawing and writing or doing some kind of creative activity pretty much my whole life.

I live in the UK.

game development

Just for fun, Owen develops games using HTML5 and Javascript. Here are some examples which can be played online using desktop browsers. Not all of these are finished but all are playable.

Finished games

These games are in a completed state, I do not plan further updates to them.

Unfinished games

These games are still at "proof of concept" stage, I am still playing with them. All of them are playable but none are finished.

Game Dev Tech that I use

All of my game development is browser based. I use the HTML5 tool set (which for me includes HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and JQuery. For sprites, animation and physics and general game related coding I mostly use the awesome Phaser game development framework with Canvas. For editing maps (eg. in platform games) I sometime use Tiled Map Editor to design maps, but other times I have procedurally generated the levels. I design sprites and graphics myself using MS Paint, The Gimp and PhotoShop. Ocassionally I use pure CSS3 and Javascript for the sprites and animation, just to see if I can.

Code Experiments

Just a bit of geeky fun I had playing around with CSS3, HTML5, JQuery, Canvas and WebGL.

CSS3 Experiments

It is fun to play with CSS3 for more than just styling a web page. It is possible to achieve good 3D effects and create art with CSS3. Here are some examples.

Web GL Experients

WebGL is a freely available javascript framework which enables you to use the client graphics hardware within the browser. The javascript library Three.JS is what I use to play with this functionality. Here are a few examples.

Creative Writing

I'm a writer of fiction in both long and short form. I've had a few short stories published in print, plus a few self-published on Amazon Kindle. I've written two unpublished novels (constantly editing!) and I am working on more. I create fiction in broad genres that range from sci-fi to horror to black comedy and psychological and crime thrillers.

Self Published E-Books

I've self published some anthologies of my earlier short stories and novellas on Amazon Kindle. I plan to put more on Kindle in future too.

Amazon Kindle App

I self publish my writing on Amazon Kindle. If you don't own an actual Amazon Kindle device that doesn't matter. You can also get Kindle to work on all kinds of other devices, including mobile phones, tablets and computers. I use it on my Android phone every day. I would recommend you get it now, it's free and the e-books are very cheap. Mine are 99p each.

Current writing projects

I am currently working on a novel called Scorpio whilst also editing and revising two previous novels, The Wolf and The Chamber of Purple Chaos. Once finished these will also be self published on Kindle. I am also writing various short stories for fun and occasional submission to competitions etc. Currently I am focused on contributing to the brilliant project Twenty Four Stories which is a collection of positive short stories in support of the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

Are you a writer?

I am very interested in collaborating with and supporting other writers, exchanging critiques and getting honest opinions and feedback. Please Get in touch if you want to be a beta read partner or just swap reviews on each others work.

Contact Me

It would be great to hear from you. I always reply to genuine (non-spam) messages. I can be reached on social media or email.